Range of Services / Industry-specific Solutions

The Russian market remains an attractive destination for European, and in particular German companies. The most important advantages are the high margins and 140 million consumption-oriented customers. Our extensive, in-depth knowledge of sectors together with our contacts to local decision-makers enables us, even in a difficult market environment caused by sanctions and a weak rouble, to supply the right products, services and solutions to our clients in the Russian market.

We work in the following sectors:


“A growing number of private health insurance companies, positive developments in reimbursement regulations and improvements in the training of doctors have brought the Russian pharmaceutical market high double digit growth rates in recent years.” (Source: Russia on its Way to >>Pharma 2020<< by Sabrina Winter) These positive developments have had a corresponding effect on profitability in the market for equipment and spare parts. Close cooperation with our clients has enabled us to gain detailed insights into their needs and priorities and know exactly how we can differentiate ourselves from the competition.

Metallurgy / Mining

Mining is regarded as an important factor for the future development of Russia, as it contributes around one-tenth of the country’s gross value added and, as a supplier of raw materials, plays a key role in the economy. In particular, the vast expanses of Siberia are full of valuable mineral resources such as nickel, tin, coal, iron, bauxite and copper. Although it still lags behind other countries in terms of gold extraction, it is striving to produce the largest annual quantity of gold within a decade. Chrome ore is also found in large deposits.

Steel and Aluminium Production

High world market prices for metals have led to Russian metals companies making impressive profits and thus gaining the resources for sustainable technical modernisation. It is becoming increasingly apparent that only high levels of quality can be successfully marketed. This applies not only to domestic sales but also to export sales which are becoming more and more attractive due to the devaluation of the rouble. The increasing domestic demand comes from mechanical engineering and automotive equipment, in particular the manufacturers of machine tools, automotive and railway vehicles, as well as the aerospace industry.
This means that Russia – despite the politically complicated situation – remains a very attractive location for investment. This has a positive effect on the market for plant and spare parts.

Fertiliser Production

The import ban on EU foodstuffs in Russia and the devaluation of the rouble in recent years continue to boost the recovery in Russian agriculture. Although is well known that Russia has one of the largest arable land areas in the world and for this reason is one of the global players in the agricultural and agribusiness sector, prices for agricultural land have risen dramatically in recent years. Growth in production due to increased efficiency is therefore becoming increasingly profitable. This is fuelling demand for agricultural chemicals and fertilizers, and Russian manufacturers in this sector are investing in new capacities.

Chemicals / Plastics

The chemical industry in Russia has recently recorded growth in terms of volume. In addition to the customers abroad, domestic demand is also increasing. The chemical sector share of the total output of manufacturing industries in Russia is about 10% – companies in this sector produce more than 70,000 different products.

Paper / Cellulose / Packaging

The producers of wood pulp, cardboard and paper are experiencing difficult economic times. The world market for pulp and paper is stagnating, which makes Russian exports more difficult – despite the devaluation of the rouble. In the domestic market, falling circulation of traditional print media in particular is leading to a slump in sales of newsprint. Increasing local production of food which was triggered by the import ban on foreign food products in force since 2014 has led to somewhat of an upswing in demand for packaging. As a result, more and more regional products are finding their way into supermarkets and the demand for filling and packaging equipment and spare parts for this industry is also rising. Furthermore, the trend towards individualised packaging increasingly requires more modern, more efficient and more flexible systems with high throughput rates.

Tobacco and Cigarette Machinery

As a sector of the luxury food industry the tobacco industry is characterised above all by large globally active groups and is considered to be one of the most profitable industrial sectors worldwide. We work with the market leaders on both the procurement and sales sides of the business. We supply fully automatic systems as well as spare parts for tobacco processing, blending and cigarette production.

Food Industry

The food production and food processing industry is one of the few sectors in Russia which is growing despite the current economic crisis. Russia is already no longer dependent on imports for some foods, eg poultry, eggs, and pork, in other areas it is working hard to achieve this so that currently there are numerous investment projects in the areas of meat, dairy products or canned foods. On the one hand agricultural holding companies are investing increasingly in the further processing of their products, and on the other hand retail chains are becoming producers themselves. The losers are importers of foodstuffs, whereas the demand for plant and machinery for production is rising. To profit from this development direct contact to local decision-makers remains the most important factor for success in this competitive industry.

Insulation / Building Materials Production

The current economic slump in Russia has dampened demand for building materials. The number of renovations and maintenance work on buildings by individual developers is falling. At the same time, imports of building materials are declining overall. Russian producers are increasingly investing in the production of high-quality special products. ITC Industrieanlagenhandels GmbH is confident that it is well-equipped for the challenges and can provide the best possible individual technical solutions for any area of application.

Consumer Goods Industry

Similar to the food industry, some sectors of the domestic consumer goods industry in Russia are bucking the trend and developing positively. They are profiting especially from the devaluation of the rouble.
Companies in the consumer goods industry and retailers in Russia are operating in an environment that is changing rapidly and is characterised by high volatility and extreme competition. We assist leading companies in meeting their challenges and help our clients adapt to continually changing demands and market conditions.